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Seattle Houseboats Market Update: Thankful

Seattle Houseboats Market: We Are Thankful to You All.2017 Fairview ave e

There are a lot of pending Seattle houseboats in the MLS right now.  We had a ton of floating home inventory and now we are down to just a few.  There are only two under a million right now - One at 2017 Fairview Ave E and another on a leased dock in Eastlake.  Thankful is the word I am using right now being that we happen to be in the end of November.  Molly and I are extremely thankful for the great fortune we have had in meeting and working with each and every one of you this year.  We had some of the most interesting and awesome clients ever and that made 2014 a wonderful year on Lake Union. We sold a few off market and were thankful that those wonderful people called us to do so. People on the lake are special. The Seattle floating homes community is one of a kind and I am thankful to have been embraced into it.   We love working with you and being your agents!

We aren't finished yet! This year is far from over and there are some good buys for Seattle houseboats  on Lake Union!

There is Slip O on the Log Foundation dock at 2017 Fairview Ave E. in Eastlake - 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, remodeled and updated 1920 floating home.  Really special place and opportunity to tie up canoes and kayaks with possible Lake Union moorage down the road.  This is the buy of the century for floating homes in my opinion.  Let us know if you want more info or want to see it.  It is solid.   $599,000

We have one coming on tomorrow that will be exciting and know of a few others who may want to sell so let us know what YOU are looking for.  Seattle houseboats are all unique. There are no two alike and each one will have its pluses and minuses. Give us your list of pluses....

seattle floating homesA word about Seattle Houseboats because there is always confusion.......

"Seattle houseboats"  is a phrase which refers to three different types of water homes:  floating homes, barges, and vessels.  The term is used interchangeably with all three of these.  It is correct to call all three Seattle houseboats. 

Seattle floating homes are in the MLS and sold by real estate agents because of the special realty Seattle afloatattached to them - the submerged parcel, and also because they are more or less permanently attached to the dock.  The can not move without being towed and rarely are moved.  Some barges are in the MLS if they reside in an owned slip, aka real estate. Vessel type houseboats are not in the MLS ever.  They are boats.  They have steering and self propulsion. Make sure you that if you are interested in one of these that you work with someone with a vessel dealer license. Molly and I are licensed real estate agents though Cooper Jacobs Real Estate and our company Seattle Afloat also has a vessel dealers license so we can help you with ALL Seattle Houseboats.  

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Move up Seattle buyers and other types of specialized purchasing is a great passion of mine!  I love Seattle houseboats and you can find me down on the docks of Lake Union and Portage Bay several times a week.   Other aspects of Seattle real estate that I adore include Queen Anne Real Estate,Wallingford Real EstateBallard Real EstateGreen Lake Real EstateLaurelhurst Real EstateMagnolia Real Estate,andSeattle Waterfront Real Estate.

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In addition to being a Seattle residential broker and founder of Cooper Jacobs & Seattle Afloat, I am also the Director of the Cooper Jacobs Real Estate Platinum Properties Luxury Home Division.  This is our exclusive product for high end and distinctive homes catering to high net worth buyers and sellers across the Puget Sound.  For an example of what we have done, just look to our exclusive listing of The Admiral's House in Magnolia.  With our detailed and tech savvy brokers we take care of every detail imaginable and advertise in ways other luxury brokers can't. We have a book of high end clientele and a large International presence to gain maximum exposure while still being discreet. Please let me know if you would like to set up a private Platinum Properties consultation:

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About Cooper Jacobs Real Estate's Seattle Branch:

 My office at Cooper Jacobs Real Estate LLC is located centrally near all my favorite Puget Sound neighborhoods just a few blocks up from Lake Union in Seattle’s Wallingford.  Cooper Jacobs Real Estate is a wonderful place filled with talented Seattle real estate brokers and I count myself extremely lucky that I get to spend so much time with these wonderful people.  We specialize in different Seattle neighborhoods and suburbs in both residential and commercial real estate and are all very passionate and excited about each of our favorite Seattle neighborhoods and industries!

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